Our fishery has been established since 1999.

Lake One is the specimen lake, with mirror carp to 36lb 7oz; there are over 20, 20lb carp in the lake as well as 350 other carp from 6lb to 19lb. This was originally set up as a mixed fishery, but now has a good name for quality carp and silver fishing in summer, with perch fishing becoming very popular in the winter months.

The perch go to 5lb 6oz (which is big for Perch) and we are well known for good Perch fishing and would like to continue to be. There is also a large head of silver fish to include bream, roach, rud, chub, crucian carp, and tench – many to specimen size.

The fishery is now fenced against predators, to safegaurd the future quality of our fishing.