Spring Rock Fishery

Spring Rock Fishery

Spring Rock Fishery

spring rock fisheryLake details: 

Location: Llandegley | LD1 5UE

  • Day Ticket price: £7
  • Night Ticket: £15
  • Disabled friendly
  • No trout pellet/Halibut pellets/Tiger nuts
  • 2 rods per person
  • Carp to 25lb +
  • Barbless/Micro Barbed hooks only

About Spring Rock Fishery

Set deep in the heart of beautiful Mid Wales, Spring Rock is a carp fishery expertly created by carp anglers for serious fishermen and pleasure anglers alike. Roughly 2.5 acres in size with varying depths to 15 foot, our lake is teeming with well over 350 mirror, common, ghost and koi carp weighing up to as much as 25lb.

We believe that the more challenging the fishing on offer, the more rewarding the experience – and this belief is reflected in the design of our lake. Awesome margins up to 6 foot are strategically lined with high reeds in places to provide the perfect environment for stalking, while below the surface the specially designed features such as plateaus, gravel bars and pits serve to greatly enhance your fishing experience.

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